Welcome to Associate Professor Jian Zhang's Website

Team at Multimedia Data Analytics Lab

My Research Fellows and Engineers

Dr. Litao Yu -- UTS Reserach Fellow

Dr. Jingsong Xu -- UTS Research Fellow

Mr. Zongjing Zhang -- UTS Research Engineer

My Current UTS Research Students (As the Principal Supervisor):

Muming Zhao -- PhD student (Submitted her PhD Thesis in July 2019)

Yomgshun Gong -- PhD student

Lina Li -- PhD student (submitted her PhD Thesis in August 2019)

Lu Zhang -- PhD student

Anan Du -- PhD student

Lingxiang Yao -- PhD student

Guofeng Mei -- PhD student

Zhibin Li -- PhD student

Huaxi Huang -- PhD student

Jialiang Shen -- Master student (submitted her MSc Thesis in July 2019)