Welcome to Associate Professor Jian Zhang's Website

PhD Scholarships:

I have two full PhD scholarships to fund high profile PhD candidates in the following areas

  • Image processing & pattern recognition
  • 3D Computer vision
  • Video/image content analysis
  • Data analytics and multimedia information retrieval
  • Social multimedia signal processing
  • Multimedia and new media Analytics

For international students, in addition to living expense, the scholarship also include tuition fee waiver scholarship.  Please contact me for the details

Funded Research Projects for which I am the Leading Chief Investigator:

Robust Automated Video Surveillance & Monitoring in Dynamic Scenes”, National ICT Australia (Data61/NICTA) - Defence Science and Technology Organization (DSTO) joint project award, $59,000, (2008-2011).

“Visual information enhanced online video search engines”, Microsoft Research Asia (MSRA) funded project, $53,000, (2011)

“Advancing 3D deformable surface reconstruction and tracking through RGB-D cameras” Microsoft Research funded project, $110,000 (2012-2014)

“Human detection in local residential area”, Industry Lab funded research project, $70,000 (2012-2013)

“Virtual Clothing fitting on Mobile”, Industry Lab funded project, $90,000 (2013-2014)

"3D image Content Processing", Industry Lab funded project, $70,000 (2013-2016)

"Safety video surveillance in a mining environment";Industry and Australian Government funded Project (Innovation Connection),$185,000 (2015-2017) 

"Human Action Recognition in Shopping Area";Industry Lab funded project, $330,000 (2015-2016)

"Data Analytics and Computer Vision";,  Industry Lab funded project, $270,000 (2017-2020)

"Automated Sheep Counting in the Live Export Industry"";, Industry funded project, $270,000 (2018-2020)

"Trusted Fish Provenance and Quality Tracking System”, Industry funded project, $660,000 (2019-2021)

"Deep Learning Based Fish Species Recogniton, Size Estimation, and Fresshness Measurement", Industry funded project, $150,000 (2019 - 2022)

Five Completed UTS PhD students in my role as a principal supervisor since 2012:

  • Dr. Yazhou Yao – PhD degree (completed in May 2019). He is now a professor at the school of Computer Science and Engineering, Nanjing University of Science and Technology, China.
  • Dr. Junjie Zhang – PhD degree (completed in Sept. 2019). He is now a Post-doc research fellow with the School of Computer Science, The University of Adelaide, Australia
  • Dr. Xiaoshui Huang – PhD degree (completed in May 2019). He is now a Post-doc research fellow with the School of Electrical & Data Engineering, University of Technology Sydney, Australia
  • Dr. Hao Cheng – PhD degree (completed in August 2018). He is now with Fairfax Media in R/D department, Sydney, Australia
  • Dr. Yucheng Wang – PhD degree (completed in August 2017). He is currently working with Baidu – the search engine company in China.
  • Dr.  Shangrong Huang – PhD degree (completed in August 2017). He is now a lecturer at the School of Computer Science in Hunan University, China.

Three completed PhD students as a principal supervisor in UNSW/Data61:

  • Dr. Worapan Kusakunniran, PhD degree (completed in 2013). He is now an associate professor in the Faculty of Information and Communication Technology at Mahidol University, Thailand.
  • Dr. Tuan Hue Thi – PhD degree (completed in 2012). He was a researcher engineer with Canon Information Systems Research Australia (CiSRA) and later joined Placemeter, a US start-up.
  • Dr. Sakrapee (Paul) Paisitkriangkrai – PhD degree (completed in 2012) he was with the department of computer science, The University of Adelaide for 5 years. He is currently working with Australian Taxation Office as a data miner.

Two completed UTS PhD students as a joint supervisor in Sydney University:

  • Dr. Shijun Lu – PhD degree (completed in 2012). He joined the Australian Defence Force as a software engineer in 2013.
  • Dr. Shiyang Lu – PhD degree (completed in 2014). He is currently working with the Commonwealth Bank of Australia as a data scientist.